Amy Atkins’
The Darkroom

Review date: 11/10/2018

I know Amy, the writer, director and performer of this play about menstruation.  We’ve been in a writer’s group together and she pops up all over the place in different creative roles.  Despite this, I felt like her show Period. was going to be bloody disgusting and very awkward.  The marketing material was enough to make even the most experienced bleeders look twice in shock.  Wow, I was exhausted that night and I hoped I wouldn’t have to sit there for too long because I was worried I might fall asleep.

I should have had more faith in Amy because she revealed an incredible depth of skill in her ‘World Premiere’ of this show.  It was bloody fantastic!  Amy played Karla, an innocent eleven-year-old girl coming to terms with getting her period for the first time.  Karla’s role is all mimed.  That might sound boring, but Amy actually made me realise how much lazier an actor could be when they rely on dialogue to act out their role. Her expressions and character were absolutely delightful, perfectly capturing the innocence and confusion of a child discovering new things. Karla’s mother is all dialogue and no acting—this role is voiced by Amy too.  Karla’s mother—delivered like an omniscient being from the sound system—talks Karla through the changes her body is experiencing. There are some hilarious, and some very touching moments.  It was heartening to hear so many males in the crowd laughing uproariously, I thought they were brave to even come along but after seeing the show it is obvious that you don’t need to have ovaries to enjoy the show.

There were a plethora of great props which I am not going to go into detail about here because some things just have to remain a surprise and my descriptions will not do them the justice they deserve.  There’s some excellent skills displayed with puppetry too, and if Amy created all those things she deserves a bloody award.  What surprised me the most was how ‘not gross’ it was.  Her particular mixture of child-like curiosity, play, and honesty dealt with what is usually a hidden and taboo subject in a very tidy way.  I didn’t leave feeling dirty and horrified, I left feeling so astonished and happy at what a fun show I had just seen.  I personally think this show should travel round the country being shown at schools because it is a brilliant, funny, non-awkward way to talk about a bloody annoying topic.

I think Amy might have worked long and hard on this project.  She seems to have thought of every little detail.  Her acting skills were exceptional and her connection with the audience incredibly natural and relaxed.  You could say it simply flowed beautifully. I’d like to take my daughters to it but its short run here is already finished.  We can only hope it comes back for a second showing, maybe on a monthly cycle….

This was top notch.  I’m proud to have been at the ‘World Premiere’ of Amy Atkins’ Period.

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