Palmy Fringe 2018

at The Dark Room, Cnr Pitt and Church Street, Palmerston North
From 11 Oct 2018 to 12 Oct 2018
[45 mins]

Reviewed by Alexandra Bellad-Ellis, 12 Oct 2018…

Period follows the story of 11 year old Karla, who has her period for the first time and is finding the whole thing quite confusing. She’s learning about pads, tampons, menstrual cups and all the other things that go along with that time of the month (including an extraordinary range of slang).

Using everything from voice overs, puppetry, and instructional demonstrations with the audience (everyone gets a menstrual cup on the way in), Amy Atkins shares Karla’s experience with us.

Hysterically funny in places and beautiful in others, Amy gives a stellar performance. The puppetry is particularly captivating. And this is not just a play for women, there were many men in the audience enjoying the performance. This really is a lovely piece of theatre, cleverly written and beautifully presented.

This review was published on theatreview.

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