A Letitia Lickkit project

ASMR BAR! is an award-winning interactive theatrical installation experience.

The golden and glittery Letitia Lickkit runs no ordinary bar… she runs an ASMR trigger bar! There’s a menu but there’s no drinks or food to be ordered. It’s more surreal than that! 

The menu lists things like ‘Wooden Letters in a Bowl,’ ‘Coconut Shells,’ or ‘Never Ending Story.’ Five people can be served at once, when they’re ready to order they all put on the provided headphones and stop and listen.

Letitia Lickkit then whispers and makes sounds into a mic, on her side of the bar, and the sounds go into customer’s headphones. She might tap coconut shells into the mic, whisper a made up story, or eat an apple into the mic – whatever the customer orders, Letitia Lickkit serves up!

The whispering and the sounds are known as ASMR triggers.

ASMR BAR! is a personal and intimate experience, a sensorial transportation out of the physical and into another reality. Letitia Lickkit uses her calm whispering voice and expressions to guide customers through the personalised ASMR experience. 

Note: The bar in the photos is not the bar I’m touring with in 2023/2024. The new bar takes up an entire parking space. It’s made from reclaimed wood and is modular so it can be put in the back of a car. It was made by the Wellington City Council and I can borrow it on request.

Accolades for ASMR BAR!

Highly Commended – Judges Choice, Wellington PARK(ing) Day 2023, Wellington Sculpture Trust

“A well presented Letitia Lickkit was offering ASMR Triggers from a small pop up bar on the street. ASMR stands for ‘autonomous sensory meridian response,’ which describes the tingling, static-like, or goosebumps sensation in response to specific triggering audio or visual stimuli. Letitia Lickkit drew us in, in a cleverly choreographed way. Once we had headphones on, we were in her power and selected from the ‘bar menu’ of ASMR triggers. The experience was personal and intimate, and a sensorial transportation out of the carpark to another reality. Our faces both lit up with smiles. It was quite incredible. Amy acting as Letitia used the combination of a wonderful voice and expressions to guide the best ASMR experience.” – 2023 PARK(ing) Day Judges

Created & performed by Amy Grace Laura

First performed at Wellington PARK(ing) Day 2023


Is there Audio Description?
There is no formal Audio Description but Amy can narrate the experience as required.
Amy has had informal Visual Impairment Awareness training.

Is there NZSL Interpretation?
There is no NZSL Interpretation offered. Amy has learnt introductory NZSL through the Wellington High School Community Education Centre and can engage in basic NZSL to explain the experience.

Is this installation tourable?
ASMR BAR! is Tour Ready and available to be booked by Aotearoa New Zealand and International festivals.
A Tech Rider can be provided. Flick Amy an email to enquire –

Past Performances

Wellington PARK(ing) Day 2023
5 March 2023, Cuba Street
Supported by the Wellington Sculpture Trust