Pop-Up Potluck is an immersive, story-telling dinner party experience. Party games, story-telling, kai, and comedy come together in this unique event where no two nights are ever the same.


Anastasia Novikov is having a potluck party and you’re invited!

You, the guests, have been asked to bring a homemade (or purchased) dish to the party and tell everyone why it’s important to you!

Anastasia has a series of disastrously silly party games up her sleeve to kick start the party. She’ll also make sure the room is held during story time. All stories are welcome at Anastasia’s place! But please note, she’s not a qualified councillor so only share what you are comfortable with x

Anastasia Novikov is a comedic character performed by Amy Atkins of Ephemeral Theatre. Anastasia adores food, people, and stories. She wants to bring people together to reminiscence on meals gone by, delight in local produce, share recipes, and connect through our various food cultures.

This is a highly immersive event. Guests will be asked to bring food, share a story about their food, and engage in party games.

This event can be booked for festivals and events in Aotearoa New Zealand.
Flick us an email to enquire.

Images by Kieran Murphy Photography