When was the last time you looked someone in the eyes… for longer than you scroll through Instagram? OPTIC is a performance art installation exploring intimacy and connection in our contactless world thanks to technology and COVID-19.

The invitation: Sit or stand opposite The Artist and look into their eyes without talking. The Artist will do the same. Stay for as long as you need, look beyond the uncomfortable.

Will you come and join them?

Inspired by ‘The Artist is Present’ a work by Marina Abramović, OPTIC reimagines Marina’s provocation in a world with COVID-19, contactless everything, and excessive screen-time. Take a moment to look up from the screen and connect, without talking, with another human.

Come and be acknowledge, be seen.

A note on accessibility: The Artist will sit if you choose to. The Artist can adjust the experience for visually impairment visitors to include synchronised breathing or hand-holding as the form of ‘connection.’

This performance art can be booked for festivals and event sin Aotearoa New Zealand.

This is COVID-19 Alert Level II friendly.