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Let’s chat accessibility for RAW! ASMR at BATS Theatre 🍊

Where is BATS Theatre?

BATS Theatre is located at 1 Kent Terrace, Mt Victoria, Wellington, 6011.

If you get lost coming to BATS Theatre call the Box Office on 04 802 4175.

Is there Mobility parking?

There is drop off zone directly outside BATS Theatre for taxis. There are not many Mobility Parks around BATS Theatre. Here is a short list of close-ish parks: One park on the right in the slip lane near the Cambridge Terrace end of Courtney Place, Two parks on the left outside Waitangi Park, Two parks in Allen Street.

If a companion needs an interactive map the City Council one is linked here: https://wellington.govt.nz/parking-roads-and-transport/parking/mobility-parking/mobility-parking-spaces

What Bus can I catch?

Any bus that takes you to Courtney Place. Get off at the Courtney Place stop nearest Cambridge Terrace.

Companion Tickets
Free companion tickets are available! Unfortunately, they cannot be booked online at the time of purchase. Sigh. You can book Companion tickets in-person or by emailing book@bats.co.nz. After which they’ll be added to your booking.

Please note these is no reserved allocation for Companion tickets, so please request them as soon as possible.

Entering BATS Theatre
From the Taxi stand directly outside BATS Theatre you can entre by walking up wide stairs with a rounded wooden rail on each side. Once inside, walk straight from the doors until the space gets narrow then the Box Office in on your right.

The first door on the right is the Office. The second door is in front of you and it may be closed in which case you’ll push through it.

The third door on the right was the Women’s toilet, the door on the left was the Men’s. These toilets are no longer gendered but note the toilets on the left have urinals.

The Accessible toilet is the second door on the left.

Wheelchair and Powerchair Access:

BATS is wheelchair accessible with a ramp at the north end of the building, which provides direct access to the foyer and bar area, and a wheelchair accessible Box Office counter and bathroom on the ground floor.

Is there accessible seating in the theatres?
The row with the most space for Guide Dogs is the front row. All other rows are narrow and up stairs. Wheelchair uses can sit in the front row. Seats can easily be removed to slot your chair in.

Please note, seats are not pre-assigned. So if you’d like a specific seat reserved for you please call or email BATS Theatre.

Do you have a hearing loop or infra-red system?

BATS Theatre does not have either of these technologies.

Accessing the Theatre for RAW! ASMR
The performance is in The Stage theatre, which is on the ground floor. You’ll find the entrance to this theatre by going in a straight line from the front doors to the very end of the ground floor. The space becomes narrow and there will be a plush bench seat on the right-hand side. When the theatre space opens, 10 mins before the show, a Front of House staff member will greet you and request your physical or digital ticket.

The Stage theatre is split in two by the entrance corridor. As you enter the house lights will be on full. You’ll enter through the middle of The Stage theatre, through the corridor and partially onto the stage itself. At the end of the corridor, behind you to your left and right are the seating blocks, which upwards slope away from the stage. The first row of seats is flush with the stage, the second row and beyond are all accessed by a narrow set of stairs on either side. There is a wooden handrail on the inner most side of the stairs.

Is the show Audio Described?

The show is not live Audio Described. An Audio Introduction is available here. It will also be posted to Amy’s Facebook page.


Is the show having New Zealand Sign Language interpretation?

There is no NZSL Interpretation offered. The show contains a significant amount of amplified whispering and sounds. We suggest people who are Hard of Hearing sit close to the stage, or in the middle of the audience block to ensure the best audial experience possible.

Patrons who use Hearing Assistive Devices have said they were able to hear everything in the show, and enjoyed their experience.

One patron who uses Hearing Assistive Devices for gatherings and TV watching said they didn’t need their device to experience the show.

Can I borrow a wheelchair?

BATS do not have wheelchairs to hire.

Can I have access to a script of the play before a performance?

Yes, this can be arranged! To request a copy of the script, please contact Amy Atkins at agl.atkins@gmail.com.

How much notice must I give for access services?

BATS Theatre needs 48hrs notice to meet access requirements. The Accessibility Request link is here https://bats.co.nz/about-bats/accessibility/

This is to arrange:

– A space in the audience reserved for my wheelchair

– A space for my taller mobility scooter

– A seat reserved near the front (unable to climb stairs, need to be close to hear, need to be close to see, or have a Service Dog)

– An easy exit seat

– More time to get into space and get comfortable

– Companion Tickets

Alternatively, you can email book@bats.co.nz to have a free companion ticket added to your ticket purchase as well as any other requests.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to email Amy on agl.atkins@gmail.com