RAW! ASMR | In Development

RAW! ASMR is Amy’s newest solo work – a hugely human and fiercely fruity comedy about your cherished tingles.

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, more commonly known as ASMR, is a pseudo-scientific term referring to a tingling sensation some people experience from visual and/or audial stimuli such as whispering, the tapping of wood, the crinkling of paper, or attentively executed mundane tasks such as preparing vegetables.

RAW! ASMR | Development Season #2

30 June – 2 July at Red Door Theatre
95 Atawhai Drive, The Wood, Nelson
Part of the 2022 Nelson Fringe Festival

ASMRtist Letitia Lickkit can help you discover your Tingle Immunity! This is Aotearoa’s first and only live ASMR show; a celebration of the beauty, relaxing nature, and comforting intimacy of ASMR videos.

Award winning theatre-maker Amy Atkins takes her most loved ASMR videos and adapts them into live theatre with the help of her ASMRtist persona Letitia Lickkit. RAW! ASMR explores the silly side of this phenomenon, too. Prepare your brain for Lickkit’s live comedic anarchy and tingle-inducing spectacular organised chaos!

Created & Performed by Amy Atkins
Directed by Sara Hirsch
Devised with Amy Booth, Bethany Miller, Liz Butler, Jen O’Sullivan, and Pája Neuhöferov 

Image by Roc+ Photography


Do I need to bring my own headphones and Smart Device?

No! Despite what you might have read elsewhere you won’t need to bring headphones. This development season of RAW! ASMR will not be using Live Audio Streaming technology.

What the PEACH is ASMR?

Oh baby carrot, come discover your Tingle Immunity!

I LOVE ASMR, will I even enjoy this show?

*whispers* yes, yes you will! Close your eyes and delight in 50 mins of relaxation and giggles.

I HATE ASMR, will I still enjoy the show?

Oh, you can bet your bottom Dole Banana you’ll love this. You miiiiight not love every sound in our repertoire but you’ll at least leave with a laughter-induced belly ache.

I’m Vegan! Will you be eating… dead things?

Don’t you worry cherry tomato, Amy is a Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian and promises to only consume fruit and vegetables on stage!

Will there be Audio Description?

There will not be an Audio Described performance.

Will there be NZSL Interpretation?

There will not be an NZSL Interpreted performance.

Image by Roc+ Photography

This event can be booked for festivals and events in Aotearoa New Zealand.
Flick us an email to enquire.

Past Seasons

8-9 March at BATS Theatre, 1 Kent Terrace
Part of the 2022 New Zealand Fringe Festival
Development Season #1 Programme
Developed with the kind support of the New Zealand Fringe Festival & Creative New Zealand through the Kākano Fund